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Revitalize Your Spaces by Adding Colours
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Revitalize Your Spaces by Adding Colours
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Professional Painters in Sydney

Welcome to Metropolitan Painters, your trusted partner for professional painting services in Sydney! As a team of experienced and skilled painters, we take pride in transforming spaces with our expertise and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking to refresh the interior of your home or enhance the curb appeal of your business, we’ve got you covered.

At Metropolitan Painters, we believe in the transformative power of paint. Let us bring your vision to life with our professional painting services in Sydney. Contact us today for a consultation and quote, and let’s start your painting project!

Premium Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Sydney

We are your premier destination for premium interior and exterior painting services in Sydney. With a commitment to excellence and an eye for detail, we transform spaces into stunning works of art, leaving a lasting impression on every surface we touch.

Transform your space with the touch of a brush. Contact Us today for premium interior and exterior painting services in Sydney. Let us bring your vision to life with color and creativity!


We take pride in our work. Are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, with the services we offer. Our projects cover a range, including residential and industrial. We are equipped to handle jobs of any size. Our products prioritize friendliness and safety is always a priority.

At Metropolitan Painters we firmly believe that maintaining a reputation is the cornerstone of our thriving company. Therefore we go above and beyond to foster communication and ensure satisfaction throughout the duration of the project.

A simple phone call to Metropolitan Painters will connect you directly with a painting specialist who will address all your inquiries and guide you step by step through your painting requirements.

If you’re in search of Painters In Sydney then you’ve come to the place. Finding the painter for your needs is made easy. Just consult a phone directory where you’ll find options for painters in Sydney. However, it’s unfortunate that this directory doesn’t reveal which ones will truly deliver results within the designated timeframe. With over 22 years of experience as painters in Sydney rest assured that we possess the expertise to produce high-quality work that aligns with our estimated timeline, for completion.

We work as painters based in Sydney serving the metropolitan region. Our expertise knows no bounds when it comes to fulfilling your painting requirements. At Painters In Sydney, our mission is to provide each customer with top-notch painting services and specialized care. We proudly offer a range of painting services to all our valued customers, in Sydney.

Why wait longer? Pick up the phone. Call Metropolitan Painters today so that we can handle all your painting needs, with proficiency.


It can be quite a challenge to find a painter who actually shows up at your home or workplace on the promised day.. When you do find one getting an accurate estimate can be another headache altogether.. At Metropolitan Painters we guarantee that our workers will be there as scheduled and complete the job on time.

To make things more convenient, for you one of our consultants will gladly visit your home upon request. They will take measurements. Provide you with an estimate that covers all expenses along with a clear start and finish date. You’ll have all the information, about the cost start date and completion date of your painting services upfront. No need to stress or worry. Professional painting services delivered punctually.

Get in touch with us today to get your estimate.


Are you looking for high quality painting services in Sydney? Metropolitan Painters is the rated painting company that specializes in all types of painting jobs in Sydney. Whether its, for real estate properties, homeowners or large corporate offices we are the choice, for delivering exceptional results at their premises.

Enhance Your Interiors with Our Expert Painters in Sydney

As trusted professionals we’re here to give your interiors a makeover, with our interior painting services in Sydney. Whether you desire an fresh ambiance an sophisticated feel or a bold and lively statement, our skilled team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. As experts in house painting in Sydney we offer a range of services including walls, ceilings, doors, trim and more for a comprehensive painting solution. Our notch interior painting services encompass everything from preparation work like wall repairs and surface sanding to the flawless final coat of paint. Rest assured that we only utilize high quality paints and materials that’re safe for use, in living spaces while emitting odors. With care we take measures to safeguard surrounding furniture, floors and fixtures throughout the process and ensure thorough clean up once the job is complete.

Revamp Your Property with Our Exteriors Painters in Sydney

Our team of painters, in Sydney is here to breathe life and enhance the beauty of your home or commercial building through our exceptional exterior painting services. We are committed to transforming your property into a breathtaking and inviting space. We understand the challenges that come with painting the exterior of a building. We strictly adhere to Australian Safety and Regulatory Standards. When you choose our painting services, in Sydney we begin by thoroughly pressure washing. Preparing the surfaces to ensure optimal paint adhesion that will last for years. Our team utilizes quality waterproofing materials specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions faced by exterior surfaces, including rain, sun and wind. Once we complete our painting job your propertys exterior will undoubtedly catch everyones attention!

Services We Provide

Residential Painting

Metropolitan Painters are a team of painters based in Sydney. We specialize in both exterior painting services, across the Sydney

Commercial Painting

Our primary objective is to excel in the realm of Commercial Painting and maintenance, in Sydney striving to be the choice.

Roof Painting

Roof tiles are continuously exposed to the suns rays. They can become damaged by heavy rainfall

Interior Painting

Experienced painters, in the city understand the significance of selecting the color for your house, which's why we provide

Exterior Painting

Looking to give your home a look and create the illusion of space?. Perhaps you're aiming to enhance its appearance?

Reasons to Choose our Painters in Sydney?

Best Time to Engage a House Painter in Sydney

If you’re looking to give your home a look or improve its resale value using paint is a straightforward and budget friendly option that can significantly increase the propertys price. That’s why our professional house painters, in Sydney are highly sought after. Homes, with painted interiors or exteriors tend to attract attention in the real estate market for various reasons.

As house painters, in Sydney we understand the value of your home and the importance of making it visually appealing. Our team of painters in Sydney pays attention to detail when it comes to preparing surfaces and applying a coat of paint. This commitment ensures that the end result is flawless and showcases a level of professionalism.

If you would like to learn more about our exterior painting services in Sydney or if you have any inquiries, about our team of house painters please feel free to reach out to us at or call us at 0400 045 667.


As a team of house painters based in Sydney we will assess key factors to provide you with an accurate quote. Firstly we will schedule a visit, to your location to evaluate the extent of surface preparation. Additionally we will consider the specific type and quality of paint required, estimate the time needed for project completion and determine the number of workers. Once we have gathered all this information we will furnish you with a quote that outlines all the details.

The amount of time it takes to complete a house painting project can vary depending on factors. These include the size of the house the number of rooms that need to be painted the condition of the surfaces the type of paint being used and even the weather conditions. After we conduct an inspection we will provide you with an estimated timeframe, for completion. Rest assured our team of painters in Sydney will ensure that the job is finished before the deadline.

Certainly we guarantee all of our services. As the painters you’ve chosen in Sydney we want to ensure that our work is of the quality and give you the assurance. Once you get in touch with our house painters, in Sydney we will provide you with all the specifics, about the warranty.

In Sydney our team of painters offers a range of painting services. We handle everything from residential painting to spray painting, fence painting and staining.

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