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Two Pure Ideas For Painting Modern Structure

Two Pure Ideas For Painting Modern Structure

Painting a modern building that you are looking for and you have found this article on the Metropolitan painters in Sydney site, is one of the most practical types of building painting. Mate, if you don’t have the patience to read this article, I will put the ideas at the end of the article.

Well, first let’s have a definition of modernity. Let’s see what you mean by modernity. What did you search for in Google? Painting a modern building. Let’s go and paint

Modernist art or modern art!

Well, let’s see what it means to be modern, we all know to some extent what modernity is and what it means. It’s new, but I did some research on Wikipedia, and the result of my research was: Let me copy and read for yourself.

Modern art, or modern art, is a movement or school of art that has emerged as part of a series of cultural reform movements in the arts, architecture, music, literature, and applied arts since 1914.

Modernism is a historical process and process that has had a direct impact on various fields such as philosophy, science, politics, economics, and art. The term modernism encompasses many political, cultural, and artistic movements that are rooted in changes in Western societies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Modernity is an idea that emphasizes the power of man to create, improve, and shape the environment around him, using science, technology, and practical experiments.

Thinking modern and modern

We are not one of them. I will give you the link to my article: Modern Art in Wikipedia

So modernity means changing the shape of the environment using science and technology (so far, let’s read more)

Painting of the old building (two colors)

If you are an old man and you remember, in the 1340s and 1350s, there was a model of building painting called Hazari (yes, you heard right, Hazari, of course, you saw it) in this model of building painting, which was often done with plastic paint. The walls were painted in two colors, that is, about 1 meter from the floor with one color and the rest of the top with another color! It was very popular, I don’t know why! This type of building painting had no special tools, except for the paint bucket and brush. Even the color separator line was not done carefully and we saw sea waves on the wall.

Painting an old building of two colors – a thousand

But today, science and technology have come to our aid so that we can color and enjoy our blood more easily and with more power (according to Wikipedia: Human power to create, improve and transform the environment).

Among these tools, which have become very popular in the last 10 years, are building painting rollers, and all kinds of spatulas, different types of brushes in different sizes, and different types of sponge sanding covers, etc.

Building Painting Tools – Roller – Brush – Roller Track – Cartridge

But I know you don’t mean building painting, it’s a tool of modernity. You want to know the latest building painting models, so I’m going to give you two very good ideas right now.

Modern building painting in white painting style

One of the most widely used concepts in this area is the use of Accent Wall. This means a wall with a special color or texture that will give your home a new feeling (I’ll talk about this in detail later)

Well, let’s get to our ideas

1 – Painting the wall in a striped way

In this model, it is possible to paint a wall in two ways, one is vertical, which emphasizes the height more, and makes the roof of your house look higher, and one is a wide horizontal stripe. It emphasizes, and as you may have noticed, it makes the room or hall with the horizontal striped wall look wider and is very suitable for small and narrow rooms.

Painting the walls of the house with horizontal stripes

Painting the walls of the house with vertical stripes

2 ceiling painting other than the usual white color!

Fewer places have seen the roof have a color other than the usual colors, which are mostly white! But this is one of the methods of painting a modern building, which means you can set the ceiling of one of the rooms or the living room with the color of one of the walls, it can not even be the same color as the wall and use it as a single color, you just have to be careful. Observe moderation and don’t paint the whole ceiling in a dark color that would make any family come to you and tell you what color it is!

Here are some correct examples of ceiling paint to help you understand exactly what you mean. You can also do this yourself by reading the building painting tutorial (if you have the patience, extra time and nerves to make mistakes)

Painting the roof of the house in light blue

Painting the roof of the house in the color of the wall

Painting the roof of the house with a different color

Paint the roof of the house with dark colors

Different roof painting with striped orange

You see, the same stripe can be used on the ceiling

Well, here are two ideas so you can color and enjoy your home in a modern way.

If you have any questions, you can ask the question and answer section. I am at your service