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Painting The House Without The Presence Of A Painter

Painting any house becomes dirty and old after a while, and repairing it costs a lot of money. If you make a little effort, you can paint your house by following simple rules. Of course, in order for the new painting not to be useless and expensive, you should observe the following points.

Cleaning paint brush

The first step in painting a house is to prepare your brush. To do this, you need to put your brush in the title one, two hours before the start of painting, so that both the materials left over from your previous works are removed and it acquires its softness and softness for painting, because If the brush is rough, it will scratch the surface of the walls of your house. In addition to acidic solutions and titers, the liquids you can put the brush in to clean are oil and bleach.

Plastic gloves or lotion

One of the things to keep in mind when painting your home is to use gloves. It is usually added to the title to dilute the oil. If your hand is sensitive to thinner, it is better to use large plastic gloves to do this because it prevents the color of your legs and elbows. On the other hand, you may also be allergic to gloves, in which case you should completely cover your hands with a thick layer of moisturizer or lotion so that the thinner and color does not reach your skin and does not cause allergies.

Versatile key

Opening the paint can is one of the tasks that requires special concentration and skill. It is enough to be a little distracted. That’s when the paint splashes around and makes the whole space of the house dirty and cluttered. Cleaning the paint also takes a lot of time and is not easy to remove. One of the best ways to do this, which is usually done at home, is to use keys that you no longer need and may want to throw away.

It is better not to do this because the best way to open the cans of paint is the same keys. Due to its edges, the key is placed completely below the edge of the can and raises it. With this method, you can easily open the paint in the can without spilling paint and making your home environment dirty. This also prevents color wastage.

Cheap useless

The quality of the brush you want to paint the wall with is very important. If your brush does not have the required quality, your work will be multiplied and it can even be said that your effort is wasted because the threads that are separated from the brush remain in the paint and make the painted surface flat and uneven. Slowly

In this way, not only have you not eliminated the unevenness of your house wall, but you have also added to its incompatibility. The presence of brush strands in the color of the wall causes the wall of your house to take on the shape of a beard and it is not possible for you to smooth and smooth this uneven surface. If you pay more when buying brushes and rollers, you will have a flat wall of your choice. So do not only think about the cheapness of the material, but also its quality

Paint in oily liner

When painting, try to clearly define your desired area. You can use oil magic to determine the parts you want to paint. Using oil magic means that if the paint inadvertently spreads to a part, it does not stick to that part and you can easily remove it.

6- Color experiences

Always try it on a useless and disposable object before applying the paint directly on the wall or sensitive area of ​​your home.

The walls of your home may also be excessively sunken or scratched. In these cases, you must first smooth the surface of the wall using putty so that you do not have to spend a lot of paint on it. On the other hand, a smooth wall does not damage your paint brush and roller and also increases the painting speed. This will make your work easier and you will spend less time.

Colored strips regulator

Always mark the parts to be painted with colored strips before you start painting your house. The color of these strips should be a different color from the color you want to paint. It should also not be the same color as the wall. Using these colored strips will allow you to move between the lines and the color will not spread to other parts.

Especially when you are going to use two different colors next to each other, this will be an effective way to keep the colors from mixing. The important thing in painting a house is that you should always paint the walls from top to bottom. This will balance the colors and you will not need to apply the neck color several times to flatten the wall.

Children are not allowed to enter!

Painting is one of the tasks that requires a lot of concentration. Do not ask children for help in doing this, as children may ruin the parts you have painted with their small hands and force you to repaint. On the other hand, the pungent odor of paint and thinner is harmful to their health. Keep your children away from the painting area when doing this.

Apply the mask

Be sure to use a nasal mask when painting. Especially if you have to scratch parts of the wall to absorb more putty. The dust from this work is very dangerous for the lungs. The smell of paint is also harmful to your airways. So it is necessary to use a mask to do the painting and you should not forget it.

Brush care

It may take a few days to paint your house so you don’t have to brush every day after all, if you looking for the best house painters in Sydney, keep calm and contact us.