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How To Paint A Door Like A Pro

Learn How To Paint Doors And Trims

You may have decided to paint a door for a variety of reasons. You may be redecorating your house and want to paint the doors a different color may you want to touch upon an already existing paint job. Getting a handyman to paint it for you will cost you money. So if you have time on your hands, then why not do it yourself? Painting a door is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. Renin Corp also has a wide variety of new door styles if you are interested in changing somethings up. Here are tips to help you do it the right way.

  1. The easy way to paint a door is to take it off the hooks, remove all sorts of pocket door hardware that may be present on it, and use saw horses to lay it down. Now painting it becomes a whole lot easier.
  2. Next, sanding has to over. For this, a piece of sandpaper will you can use as a sanding block. There is no need for a power sand buster at all here. All blemishes and bumps need to sand perfectly. The idea is to smooth down the door before the painting job commences.
  3. Your door may require a primer or may not. It will need it if the door is stained or bare wood. Also, if you want to be of a much lighter color than what it is now, you will need a primer. However, if the last paint job is in good condition and you want to paint with oil over oil or latex over latex, then you can very well skip the primer.
  4. The panels have to paint first. Using a roller brush for this is a great idea. Use the roller paintbrush quickly. Then, with a brush, smooth over the paint and draw out any spots that have missed. The brush strokes should be in the same direction as the wood grain of the door. It will make the paint look the best.
  5. The inside cross pieces have to paint next. Use the roller brush to paint the central crosspiece. Do it so that it is vertical with the wood grain.
  6. The next step is painting the border. Paying close attention to the woodgrain and the direction it flows in is very important at this stage. You will need to paint the footer and header panels with strong brush strokes horizontally.
  7. Leave the edges of the door to last. For this, start with the roller and then use the brush to smooth the paint down. You would look out for puddles and droops of paint on the door. Go back and see the whole frame from top to bottom for them.
  8. The door should need time to dry for about half an hour before and give a second paint job. After this, at least two hours should pass before the door should turn over to give the other side a painting. These same techniques can be applied to closet doors to spice them up and give them a unique look.

Painting a door is a trouble-free home improvement project to get a start.

Door Frames

Giving your home a whole new look is now easy to do on the cheap. Painting your doors is an easy and inexpensive way of adding a splash of color to your home. But just painting the doors won’t do. You have to paint the door frames as well. The door frame can paint in a similar color to the walls or the doors or in a different contrasting color. Also, in case if the frame is dirty or the color has faded, you need to give it a paint job. Here’s how to paint a door frame. It is not a difficult task at all.

a) First of all, you need to take the door apart, may keep fixed to the hinges so you can paint right over it.

b) If removing the door is impossible, then place a plastic cover sheet right over it. Now put painter’s tape all over. All this is applicable if you are going to paint the door frame in a different color from your door.

c) The door frame needs to wash thoroughly. You can use soap

(it will cut the grease) and hot water. Then wipe it dry with a cloth or old towel.

d) Instantly find out if there are any damages or imperfection in your door frame. You have to repair these imperfections. It means that the trim or molding may have to replace or holes have to cover with wall putty.

e) If the paint of stain or glass was old, do sandpaper throughout the frame. However, it is necessary to remember here that you don’t need to remove all the stain or paint only you only need to sand it enough so that the glossy finish is rough a bit.

f) Now use a damp cloth or towel to wipe away the sanded stuff from the door frame.

g) both sides of the frame have to be covered with painter’s quick tape to prevent any paint from getting stick on the walls. Don’t forget to put a cardboard or plastic sheet under the bottom so that the floor is protected. Another trick is to put newspapers on the floor right under the door frame to prevent paint from dripping on the walls.

h) trim size paint roller or a paintbrush has to be used to paint the door frame nicely. You will need a smaller paintbrush to do the edges and sides of the frames.

i) If you had removed the door, replace it after the paint gets dry.

j) If you have kids or pets in the house, you must keep them away while you paint or when the door frame is drying.

k) For your door frames, A couple of coats of paint will suffice usually.

As You Can See, Painting Door Frames Is Not A Difficult Task. So Instead Of Hiring A Handyman To Do The Job, Take Up The Project Yourself At The Weekend!

French Doors

Painting a French door is not a very difficult task if you know how to do it. Of course, a French door has to tackle more care than a door. If your French doors look drab or if the paint show fades and gives them a whole new look with a new paint job. Here are tips to help you.

  1. Painting French doors can be done while they are in place. You need a few supplies to get the job done hard result. They are tarp, foam roller, utility knife, angled paintbrush, razor blade scraper, painter’s tray, painter’s tape, screwdriver, and gloves.
  2. If your French door used to paint with oil-based paint, and you want to use latex-based paint now, then you will have to use a primer. If it was already latex paint, then a deg loser will help the new coat of paint adhere better to the old beneath. You will have to use the deg loser according to the instruction manual that it will come.
  3. If you don’t know whether latex or oil paint uses to on your French doors, then a test will help you figure it out. You can use a cotton swab that has been mixed with alcohol and rub on this spot on the door that is inconspicuous. If the paint comes off without any effort, then it is latex paint.
  4. The next step for you would be to use painter’s tape to tape off all hardware, hinges, and doorknobs. 
  5. After you have used the deg loser on the door, it is time for you to bring out the foam roller and do a quick painting job on it. After this is over, use the high- angled paintbrush to paint all the door’s interior parts so that there is no defect left. It is okay if you paint on the glass as well since you will have to scrape it off anyway. The application of two coats is a necessity no matter what color of paint you are using. But if you are using a darker shade, then three coats may be essential. 
  6. The French door should be left for at least a day to dry.
  7. Once the paint is dry, use the utility knife to scrape off extra paint from the glass panes. The razor blade scraper should be enough to scrape off all of them from the glass itself. 
  8. To peel off the paint, waiting till the French door is completely dry is always a good idea. If the color is not dry when you start trying to get it off from the glass, then it may stick to the glass when coming off. It can be quite frustrating.
  9. After the paint is removed from the glass, Start to clean it up with a glass cleaner, and you did a good job! Your newly painted French doors are ready!

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