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How to arrange a small bedroom?

How to arrange a small bedroom?

The bedroom is a place for rest of body and soul, so what is important in bedroom decoration is to create a relaxing atmosphere. In designing the bedroom decor, having enough space helps us in terms of area, but if your bedroom is small, do not worry because you can choose the best decoration for your bedroom and your cozy room with a suitable layout for small and portable spaces. Turn it into a dream resort. In this part, we have brought you some clever ideas so that you can use them to give new life to the compact space of your room.


Use a color palette in a small bedroom

In order for the space of your room not to be lifeless and monotonous, it is better to use a limited color palette in a correct and thoughtful way. For example, if your wall is white and your furniture is wooden, use red and orange colors.

Take lighting in a small bedroom seriously.

To fill the room with energy and allow light to enter, minimize the curtains to get the most natural light into the room, or if you use curtains, use simple shutters or thin curtains so that your room does not get too dark and Pull the curtains when necessary.

In a small bedroom, use all the storage space

To use every inch of your bedroom, create an all-inclusive storage space (floor to ceiling) and use this space to place books and decorative objects, as well as design several drawers in it to place your personal belongings. The surfaces of these storage spaces can be used to place lampshades and as side tables.

Small bedroom decoration

Picking up furniture in a small bedroom

The largest and most spacious device in the bedroom is the bed. If the room has a window, it is better to place the bed on the right side of the window. Until the morning light falls on the bed and it is also possible to open the window to change the air in the room.

For your small bedroom decoration, it is best to place your bed in the corner of the room, placing the bed in the corner of the room will give your bedroom a comfortable position. There is no law forbidding you from placing a bed by the window so do not be afraid when using the window. The natural light of the room can be used for study during the day.

Make a visual error using the mirror and deceive the eye. A mirror wall in your small room visually doubles the space.

Choose room furniture based on small bedroom space

Your bedroom furniture should be the size of your room space. For example, choose your furniture according to the space of your room.

Use the backboard as a storage space in a small bedroom

Use the backboard as a storage space to get the most out of the room. The storage space behind the bed can have a shelf, side table, drawer or cupboard.

Use wallpaper in the small bedroom

One of the walls should be different from the other walls. For example, wallpaper one of your walls, but choose wallpaper that is in harmony with the other components of this room.

You get the best impression when you set your bedspread with a wallpaper design. Your wallpaper should have large designs and stick the paper on the wall in the center of view, like the wall behind the bed.


Use embossed designs in the small bedroom

Use embossed designs to energize the space for your small bedroom. The use of a bed and a mini-malistic table along with attractive wallpapers gives a special and beautiful effect to the bedroom.

Do not forget to use white in the small bedroom
Using white color makes the room look bigger. Using white color prevents your bedroom from being small, compact and the so-called matchbox can be seen. Use white or any other light and transparent color to fill in the gaps in the wide walls and large windows in your room.

Do not clutter the small bedroom with decorative items
Use fewer decorative items in your small bedroom and keep only your favorite accessories and decorative accessories.


Ideas for small bedroom layout

Choose a simple and modern bed for a small bedroom
Earlier, in the layout and decoration of a small bedroom in the world of wet fashion, it was said that in the layout of a house with a small bedroom, it is important to use a few centimeters of space, so instead of using a large bed, your bed with an inscription is a bed. Use a simple but modern new one and use small and attractive pictures or photo frames on the bed.

Use shelves inside the wall to decorate a small bedroom
To create more space in your bedroom, instead of using wall cabinets or bookcases outside the wall, use shelves that are placed inside the wall and put less on the way. If you want to renovate your home, create shelves or shelves inside the wall so you can put your decorative items in them.


Optimal use of small bedroom space

Use wall shelves in the layout of a small bedroom
In the decoration of a small bedroom, the use of wall shelves is practical and appropriate. You can use them as a library, a place to put photo frames and decorative items, a place to put a laptop and desk, and so on.


Have a vertical layout for a small bedroom

For small rooms, using walls can be useful, so layer everything on top of each other and use the beds that are placed on the desk or in the library.

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